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Vivers Ter, following the concept sustainability, includes in its line of drought-tolerant ground covering plants and grasses the rizhome-sowing and pratopronto service for parks and gardens.

  • Differential concept

    We have meadows coming from mild-cold ―microthermal― zones and from mild-warm ―macrothermal― zones.

    In our country, meadows from cold zones look good in wintertime but need lots of water
    , mowing and care in summertime.
    Meadows from warm zones look perfectly from April to December but yellow in wintertime getting a straw color depending on the minus degrees and the photoperiod of each zone.

    In order to maintain a green color in zones where temperatures drop under 0ºC , meadows can be sown with Raygrass (Lolium), which will stay green during wintertime until temperatures rise again. With the coming of the warmth and droughts, the existing lawn will predominate again.

    In Sardinia (an example of sustainability in Europe), golf courses are sown with Bermudas and players play on yellow courses in wintertime without problems.

  • Macrothermal lawn grasses


    Macrothermal lawn grasses are sterile, their reproduction is agamic via stolones or rhizomes.
    Rizhome-sowing machines have a performance of 3.000 to 20.000 m2 plantation per day and a proportion of 1 to 8, which means that a 1 m2 green sod covers 8 m2 surface.

    Their mechanism undoes the rhizomes and stolones and buries them. After 3 weeks of frequent irrigation the lawn looks already clear and after 2 months of 1-2 irrigations per week, it is fully dense.

    A macrothermal lawn with seldom irrigations needs little mowing and no agrochemical treatment.

    Japanese Grass, Zoysia Japonica

    From Kyushu to Hokkaido, parks and golf courses... Japan is fully sawn with Zoysia clones. Both Zoysia japonica clones and hybrids between Z. japonica and Z. tenuifolia have a promising future.

    Check the technical information of macrothermal lawn grasses (only in Spanish)



winter color
 FEATURES Zoysia japonica
'Japanese Grass'
Zoysia tenuifolia Paspalum vaginatum Stenotaphrum secundatum Bermudas
Winter color at -1ºC greenish
straw color
pale green
straw color
straw color greenish
straw color
straw color
Shade resistance medium little little good little
Wear and tear resistance excellent excellent good medium excellent
Salt resistance very good good excellent good good
Mowing height 2-4 cm 2-4 cm 10-20 mm 4-6 cm 5-15 mm
High temperature and drought tolerance excellent excellent excellent good excellent
Post-damage recovery slow very slow fast slow very fast
By climatic zones 2-3-4 2-3-4 3-4 4 3-4
Spring regreening late-medium late-medium medium-fast medium-late fast
  zone 1
  zone 2
  zone 3
  zone 4

Green sod price



Zoysia japonica 'El Toro' 15,00/m2
Zoysia japonica 'Zenith' 15,00/m2

.:Supply period: from April to September.

.:Transport not included.

Rizhome-sowing price


Price Price of rizhome-sowing + lolium
Zoysia japonica 'El Toro' 2,50/m2 3,00/m2
Zoysia japonica 'Zenith' 2,50/m2 3,00/m2

.:Rizhome-sowing minimum order: 3.000 m2.

.:Planting period: from April to September.

.:Prices do not include soil preparation nor machinery transport.


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